[[SWERVE]] Let's Just Take A Second To Talk About How We Can All Still Relate To "U Got It Bad"

Posted on April 18th, 2015

We've all been there.

We've all felt like lamenting "Oh-oh-oh no, no, no," as an acoustic guitar gently tinkles over a textbook 2001 beat.

We've all not looked our best when the cameras catch us in the midst of a lovers' quarrel.

We've all put on our best bright white tank top with matching K Swisses (K Swiss? K Swissi?) and gyrated slowly to show our pent-up frustration tinted by a love that is real.

We've all been amazed at how good our ex looks in her new cosmetics commercial.

We've all sought solace in how good the sunglasses-inside-plus-single-leather-glove-combo looks.

We've all been dripping wet from rain water and then, miraculously a shot later, been totally dry.

We've all played out reunion scenarios in our heads and then changed our minds last minute as the umbrella-holder strolls up.

We've all worked on our dance moves in spacious rooms to sort through the pain.

We've all found our ex-lover inescapable after their latest lifestyle feature in Peace Magazine finally hits newsstands across America.

We've all lifted up our shirts in a choreographed fashion to check how our abs are handling it all.

We've all played air guitar in the rain while simultaneously making that gesture as phallic as possible.

Be easy on yourself. Let the beard grow if it wants. Let your legs go unshaven. Crank this video up to 10. And remember that life goes on.

-CC Swerve