[[SWERVE]] 5 Quick Reasons Why You Should Give A Fuck About Cassettes

Posted on May 7th, 2015

Greetings, Reader. If you've gotten this far (i.e. you have enjoyed 2+ sentences of Swerve City's immeasurably virile content), you may or may not be familiar with the "cassette renaissance" we are in the midst of.

Who's "we"? "We," of course, are the discerning-music-listeners crowd of which you find yourself a part. You ironically enjoy Top 40 pop, but let's be real you also live and die for the most recent Waxahatchee single and you often daydream of discussing politics with Killer Mike. I'm gonna stop there with facetious descriptions of the ipsterhay lifestyle, but suffice to say: you are a person that listens to music, thinks about music all damn day, probably works a job that involves carrying some sort of tray.

But I digress. This Cassette Renaissance: Is it real? A lot of people are wondering this. Who can even say, honestly. Here are a few things that are definitely true:

1) Old cassettes can still be bought at many record stores for dirt-ass cheap. Sometimes, brand new copies of old 90's tapes that no one gave enough shits to buy before will still even have shrink wrap on them.

2) Bands and labels are putting out brand new cassettes every day (cough cough spoiler alert cough cough). The entire manufacturing process is much cheaper with cassettes, which allows labels to take more chances with releases. Case in point: The Amazing Cassette Empire of Burger Records, which puts out at least one new release every week. And guess what...

3) Lower costs for the labels & artists means lower price tags when those pups hit the shelves. This is good news for you, Dedicated Music Fan That Still Buys Actual Music.

4) Cassettes are small and easier to fit in a pocket. This might sound like a reason I just made up, but it becomes a very legit reason as soon as you see a band live. Maybe you're not ready to call it a night, but you don't wanna drag an LP around. And have you ever tried to fit a CD in your pocket? Take it from my own early shoplifting experiences at Best Buy: It just doesn't work.

5) Cassette players do still exist. Especially in those old cars you buy for cheap or that your parents lend you. You can find awesome CD players that still have cassette shelves. And there even some record player/CD/cassette monsters out there, too.

So if you're a lil' broke, there are 5 good reasons to give cassettes a try. People are gonna give you shit for it, but those same people probably think biking in the city is a fools' errand and consider Olive Garden a "fancy joint." Here's what you need to keep in mind: Buying and listening to music, however you do it, is always something worthwhile. And you can take that to the bank.

Now if you need me, I'm going to be listening to my brand new copy of Annie Lennox's Medusa and continuing to ponder ongoing phenomena.

-Rip Swerve