SAM VICARI - Giving Up


With an average song length of 2.6 minutes, Sam Vicari's junior-year album wastes no time in getting stuck in your head and staying there. Recorded by Neil Strauch (Andrew Bird, Gomez, Into It. Over It.) and mastered by John Golden (Superchunk, Sonic Youth), GIVING UP's muscular guitars and vulnerable vocals will remind you of why you skipped prom to stay home and then told your mom it was "no big deal."

"Giving Up shows he’s continuing his impressive track record of no missteps over the last three albums. His heartfelt delivery and sunny melodies continue to be anchored by killer power-pop arrangements."

"A winner...Vicari’s effortless melodicism; punky, crunching guitars; and winsome vocals reminds us of Apples In Stereo...a fun-packed blast of pure power-pop energy."
-The Big Takeover

"Stellar...'All and Everyday' covers all the bases for a great rock song."
-Magnet Magazine


  1. Little Stones
  2. All And Everyday
  3. Pacific Northwesterner
  4. Loser Dream
  5. Just Enough
  6. Still Not Sure
  7. Mad At You
  8. Looking For A Warm Heart
  9. Reasons
  10. October