The brand new, senior-year, this-is-a-game-to-me 4th album from SAM VICARI. Engineered by Greg Norman (The Killers, Andrew Bird, Kim Deal) at Chicago's iconic Electrical Audio, mastered by Pete Lyman (Weezer, Courtney Love, Twin Peaks), enjoy this much-needed new dose of sweet hooks and ripped guitars.

All orders include a digital download of the album.

"For anyone that has ever found themselves falling in love with some of the most evocative chords on the planet, Sam Vicari should be the top artists to check out on the top of all lists for lovers of the greatest and most powerful pop around."
-Impose Magazine


  1. Stress Me Out
  2. If You Still Care
  3. Molina
  4. Contact High
  5. It's A Sin
  6. Disappearing Sun
  7. Can't Explain
  8. Let Go
  9. What Is Your Kind
  10. New Years Day